Swachata Par Nibandh In English: It is very important to have a healthy environment around us and this environment will be healthy only if we keep cleanliness around us and keep ourselves clean.

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Swachata Abhiyan Par Essay In English 


Cleanliness is very important for everyone living on earth. Therefore, it should always be followed. No matter where we live.

Cleanliness makes man a better person.  Because it prevents many diseases. Therefore, we should always promote hygiene.

Importance of cleanliness: 

We should understand the importance of cleanliness as soon as possible and relate it to our lives.  Every man does a lot of everyday tasks. If he adds hygiene with those works then many diseases can be prevented.
Such as-
Cutting big nails.
Cleaning teeth daily.
Washing hands thoroughly with soap.
Cleanliness of nose, ears etc.
Cleanliness of food items is also very important.
Food should be served in a clean utensils.
The water in the pot of drinking water should be changed from time to time, water should not be drunk if it is been hold for a long time.

Benefits of hygiene: 

Cleanliness brings many benefits. The biggest advantage in this is that human stays always healthy and happy, so cleanliness is very important for us.

If we do not keep cleanliness, many diseases will trap us, due to which our money will be spent too much and our life span will also be reduced.

If every human being becomes aware of cleanliness, the day will be not so far when the country will move rapidly on the path of progress along with cleanliness.

Cleanliness Campaign: 

Many campaigns have been conducted by the Government of India.  So that every human being knows the qualities of cleanliness.
‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ is one of them. This campaign was started on 2 October 2014 on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi ji Jayanti.

But this campaign cannot be run only on the confidence of the government, everyone of us must join this campaign, to make it successful.

Under this campaign, the government has laid full emphasis on keeping rural and urban areas clean.

And to spread the campaign, it has been promoted in schools and colleges as well as newspapers.

The conclusion: 

With cleanliness, we will be able to live a long life and by making cleanliness a habit, man keeps his surroundings clean and tidy, which makes him happy.


We should instill hygiene-related habits in young childrens right from their childhood. So that they too can enjoy cleanliness in his life.

No one can stop a country which is personally healthy.
Therefore, we should contribute to the development of our country by becoming a responsible citizen.

‘Adopt cleanliness and move the country towards progress.

A healthy life is considered to be a good life because a person who does not remain healthy then gets various types of diseases and his life span is also reduced,

due to which that human being is unable to live his full life hence we should be clean Should be kept. If we keep cleanliness, then we and the environment around us will automatically become healthy.

Come, make the environment around you clean and be healthy.

Short Essay on Cleanliness in English

We should keep the environment around us clean. This is spoken because, a human being is a creature that pollutes a lot along with a lot of garbage etc. That is what this creature needs, a little care that if we If we get care, our environment will be healthy very soon.

Because we eat anything and throw the remaining garbage here and there after eating, some people do it. They look around here and think that no one is watching me and I throw garbage in the open here only.

If we go towards the Himalayas today, a lot of garbage has been collected on the mountains there too. You all know that the stick is very much in quantity. Because what happens in plastic does not dissolve quickly because the age of plastic is more than we humans.

So we have to keep ourselves and our beloved environment clean as much as possible. The only thing to keep in mind is 

“cleanliness is everything.”

Thank you so much for Reading.

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